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As a recent college student, I was hesitant about what I really wanted to pursue as my major. I had a few interests in mind but nothing really “clicked” for me! SO I decided this might be worth a shot, and the results were clarifying to say the least! I had found a single path to pursue – which I am now!

Lee Fang

Fresh Graduate

I was suggested the C.A.P.E. profile test by a colleague. I never liked my job so he believed this might be the thing for me. My results offered a career that I had never even thought about but the more I thought about it the more I realized it was for me. Taking a big leap of faith, I decided to follow it. A year later, I can proudly say I made the right decision, i am much happier than I was before. Much recommend to anyone who wants a career where they fit in.

Joel Sim, 34

Sales Engineer

I encourage EVERYONE to take a shot at this! Its eye-opening! I always thought I knew myself but I guess we never focus on knowing ourselves in respect to our careers. This test however is made to recognize you in respect to your profession. I was seeking jobs before I took it but little did I know I was looking for jobs in the wrong place. Definitely worth it.

Cindy Wong, 28

Marketing Executive

If you’re looking to have real advice about your career, try this test.

Nathan Ng, 24

HR Executive

The personality analysis described me so accurately it was downright scary! I didn’t realize you could tell so much about a person just by answering questions which at first seem so random. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to know themselves before knowing their job.

Rachel T, 35


At my age, I really thought I knew all that I needed to know about myself, but I suppose we learn something new everyday. The test may seem a little long at first but I now realize that it’s deliberately designed that way to prevent you from spotting any patterns in the questioning. That’s probably why my profile analysis was so accurate.

Joshua K, 44

Senior Manager

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