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Is passion alone sufficient to achieve success? We all know that the answer is a resounding “no”. Anyone who has ever succeeded at anything had more than just passion but a strategy for success. Success more often than not leaves clue. Like baking a cake, if you follow a recipe, you achieve the same result. The C.A.P.E.© Personality Test is one of those tools. Before you discover the world, discover a system for success to discover yourself. Whether we like it or not, our emotions speak so loud that our words can’t be heard. Human beings are scientifically-proven to be emotional beings and so the next time you think you’re taking a “rational” decision, recognize that it’s in fact driven by a human emotion for stability. To understand the unique interaction of human emotions on our career choices and success, try using the C.A.P.E.© Personality Test, after all it’s free which should appeal to any emotion.

The research process that we went through to develop the efficient C.A.P.E Profile Test was extensive and centered on real data. This is not a test that was developed in a week, rather, it has years’ worth of research, study, statistics, and data behind it. Our research process included the following processes:

Creating reports

Our business was not just to study and learn, we had to document full reports to use later on in the development of the test. These reports were peer reviewed, checked, and cited.

Studies and surveys

A huge part of our research process included a variety of studies and surveys. Perhaps the most relevant of all our studies were the studies we conducted in universities. We believe students who are learning a variety of subjects (vocational fields) and are about to enter their careers where the best subject of our C.A.P.E Profile Test.


Research is incomplete without proper observation. We observed large groups of people along with individuals separately to focus on their behavior, personalities, and attitude towards their career.

Filtration and development

After having gathered a vast scale of data, stats, and information, we filtered the best of our results to utilize them in the formation of our scientifically accurate test. The test underwent many reviews and revisions until we formed the perfect test that was applicable to all, based on real data and delivered authentic results.

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Our Research

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