Do you know the No.1 reason most people are not happy at their jobs?

It’s not money, it’s not career advancement, it’s personal growth! Whilst we may not recognize it, the human need for personal growth can outweigh and overcome even the most lowly paid jobs.

Have you ever considered “working for free”? If you have, that means that you’ve recognized how important personal growth is not just to your career development, but your development as an individual.

Use the C.A.P.E.© Personality Test to discover how integral personal growth is to you.

Is this a job finding/career site?

No. The aim of C.A.P.E Profile Consultancy is to help you find the career/job you are meant for by analyzing your personality. We offer a test and consultancy for this – not job listings. However, we do help you find out whether your current job is right for you or not.

How is C.A.P.E Profile Test different from others?

The C.A.P.E Profile Test is different from other tests in the aspects of authenticity, real data, and scientific research. We promise all of these elements to the fullest and guarantee authenticity. Another difference is the uniqueness of answers. Our C.A.P.E Profile Test is focused on providing answers that are unique to every taker, rather than having a few generic answers to provide to everyone.

Is the test same for everyone?

Yes, everyone answers the same questions. We spent years on researching the best questions to incorporate in our C.A.P.E Profile Test, so our questions cannot be different for everyone as that would lower its authenticity. However, everyone gets different results.

Are the answers relevant and authentic?

The answers are based on the answers you provide so as long as you deliver accurate answers and information, your profile results will be relevant and authentic for you.

Who is this test for?

Everyone. Any individual who looks to gain insight about his or her profile and personality and their perfect career can make use of our C.A.P.E Profile Test. Our test is a resource that has been used by individuals and even government agencies and businesses to recognizing their candidates for hire.

Is the test confidential?

Yes. Apart from members of C.A.P.E Profile Consultancy, all of your answers are strictly off-limits to any outsider.

Can I keep my results?

Yes. We offer a download option so that you may revisit your results anytime in the future.

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